Advanced geostatistical modeling and infill drill hole planning software

Copper estimates

Resource Modeling Solutions Platform

The Resource Modeling Solutions Platform (RMSP) is designed to build auditable, automatable workflows using validated tools that scale to very large model sizes. Start with incompletely sampled multivariate data and geologic interpretations and build a workflow for either deterministic models or probabilistic models for uncertainty quantification.

RMSP can be used to complete the full resource modeling process using transparent workflows for modeling with multiple data types and scales, missing and unequally sampled data, geometallurgical and geotechnical variables integrating parameter and domain uncertainty.

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Drill Hole Optimizer

Resource Modeling Solutions' Drill Hole Optimizer (DHO) is an optimization program that optimizes infill drilling plans to maximize return on investment. DHO takes practical site access and budget constraints supplied by mine geologists and engineers to plan infill drill holes to convert resource to measured and indicated.

Standard infill drill program design is a lengthy manual process where geologists and engineers collaborate to design a drill program that fits within mining operation plans and converts resource to measured or indicated. DHO increases the speed and accuracy of this process by enabling the mine site team to trial many different options. What if we spent $500k less? $500k more? What if our preferred pad location becomes unavailable due to mining in the area? Get answers to all of these questions using DHO to rapidly trial multiple scenarios.

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Drill hole optimizer uplift

We can provide customized software solutions for automatic resource model updating. Contact us for more information.