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Resource Calculation with Incomplete Information

Clayton Deutsch

In most cases, mining will benefit from significantly more data in the future than available at the time of resource calculation. There may be one hundred times more data at the time of mining from blast hole samples or dedicated grade control drilling. The uncertainty will be greatly reduced. The best estimate calculated with relatively widely spaced exploration drill holes will not represent what can be achieved at the time of mining. This is referred to as the Information Effect and is managed in different ways...

Resource Modeling as an Essential Service

Clayton Deutsch

Mining provides critical resources and products that society needs, but what of resource modeling within the mining sector? A critical analysis of what we do in resource modeling suggests that the cost of a precise and accurate quantification of resource uncertainty is modest with appropriate software and trained professionals. The benefits are far greater than the cost: raw data are turned into support information for important short- and long-term decisions...

Public Disclosure of Probabilistic Resource Estimates

Clayton Deutsch

The state of nature is uncertain. Geological variability at all scales and sparse sampling make resource uncertainty an inevitable reality for mining companies and the concerned public. The workflow for probabilistic resource estimation is established, providing accurate and precise estimates of uncertainty in local and global resources...