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Providing expert knowledge, software, and services in support of mining and petroleum companies.

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The Resource Modeling Solutions Platform is an easy to use Python library wrapping a high performance engine for modern geostatistics. Build auditable resource modeling workflows quickly using the latest in proven geostatistical algorithms.

The Resource Modeling Solutions Drill Hole Optimizer (DHO) is an optimization program that optimizes infill drilling plans to maximize return on investment. DHO takes practical site access and budget constraints supplied by mine geologists and engineers to plan optimized infill drill holes to convert resource to measured and indicated.

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Resource Modeling Solutions consults on geostatistics and geometallurgy challenges delivering custom solutions including expert technical work, custom software, and training solutions. Get in touch so we can discuss your project needs. The Resource Modeling Solutions Team are actively engaged in providing technical assistance and undertaking routine and advanced resource modeling. Extensive experience is available to address Mineral Resource Estimation and Reservoir Modeling challenges.

We consult on probabilistic resource modeling, risk management of mine tailings, prediction and optimization of mill performance with machine learning, micromodeling of formation image logs, automated modeling systems for tactical decision making, infill drill hole optimization, and high resolution ore control models among other areas in geostatistics and geometallurgy.

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Resource Modeling Solutions offers training classes and workshops on introductory and advanced topics in geostatistics and geometallurgy. Teaching intensive short courses to industry has been an important part of the Team’s activities for many years. Many courses are actively taught internally for organizations and publicly. Subjects range from Fundamentals of Geostatistics to Advanced Multivariate Geostatistics in addition to mining, geometallurgy, and petroleum specific classes.

Resource Modeling Solutions in partnership with the Centre for Computational Geostatistics ran a series of 16 short course modules streamed online in 2021. Modules on subjects ranging from an Introduction to Geostatistical Modeling to Practical Techniques for Machine Learning Applied to Geometallurgical Data were presented. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified on public offerings in 2022.

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Blog - The Importance of Training

Clayton Deutsch

Some of the greatest harm to the advancement of geostatistics has been caused by experienced geostatisticians who have stagnated. There are experienced modelers who have not kept up with powerful developments in probabilistic resource modeling, categorical variable simulation, trend modeling and modeling with a trend, geometallurgical modeling and so on. These experienced professionals would not (and should not) advocate for the use of advanced techniques they do not understand. It is essential that experienced modelers take some time from their busy schedules to “sharpen the axe” before they lose their edge...

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We deliver solutions to resource modeling challenges in the mining, energy, and environmental sectors. Our solutions are custom designed to deliver expert technical work, software, and training. Find a solution for your resource modeling challenge.