Drill Hole Optimization

The Drill Hole Optimizer (DHO) optimizes plans for infill drilling programs to uplift resource. Contact us for more information.

What is Drill Hole Optimization?

Resource Modeling Solutions' Drill Hole Optimizer (DHO) is an optimization program that optimizes infill drilling plans to maximize return on investment. DHO takes practical site access and budget constraints supplied by mine geologists and engineers to plan infill drill holes to convert resource to measured and indicated.

Standard infill drill program design is a lengthy manual process where geologists and engineers collaborate to design a drill program that fits within mining operation plans and converts resource to measured or indicated. DHO increases the speed and accuracy of this process by enabling the mine site team to trial many different options. What if we spent $500k less? $500k more? What if our preferred pad location becomes unavailable due to mining in the area? Get answers to all of these questions using DHO to rapidly trial multiple scenarios.

How can Resource Modeling Solutions' DHO improve my next drill program?

DHO is built to meet the demands of modern mine infill drilling programs. DHO:

  • Optimizes drill pad locations, drill hole collars, azimuths, dips, and lengths for surface and underground drilling.
  • Considers multiple drill rigs, variable costs, deposit geometry, rig access and movement, and geologic anisotropy.
  • Ranks planned drill holes by order of importance.
  • Reports resource conversion by budget to assist in portfolio optimization.

What is the return on investment to spend another $1M drilling? $2M? Trial multiple budgets simultaneously to assess budget requirements and see potential resource conversion by budget spent:

Drill Hole Optimizer (DHO) budget vs converted metal

Provide potential underground development locations, as well as existing and potential surface pad locations. DHO trials these locations to find the most cost effective locations to drill from to maximize resource conversion.

Drill Hole Optimizer (DHO) classification schematic

DHO plans holes to minimize cost and maximize resource conversion. This includes pre-collaring drill holes where possible:

Drill Hole Optimizer (DHO) pre-collar schematic

Multiple geologic domains can be used with variable classification criteria. Different classification parameters, soft boundary usage, and preferred geologic anisotropy can all be used by domain:

Drill Hole Optimizer (DHO) multiple domains schematic

How does DHO work?

DHO uses a custom genetic optimization algorithm to trial millions of possible hole configurations that meet site constraints supplied by geologists and engineers. DHO was designed by a team with decades of experience in resource modeling and developing practical solutions for the mining industry. To run DHO at your mine, only a few inputs available to site geologists are required:

  • Locations of existing drill holes (composites).
  • Block model flagged with an area of interest and recoverable metal by block.
  • Geometric, search-based, or kriging classification criteria.
  • Potential drill pad locations, drill rig constraints, and available drill budget.

Drill Hole Optimizer (DHO) required inputs

Interested in using DHO?

Interested in applying Drill Hole Optimization at your mine?